WebSeal-skiSeason2018“European skiing as it ought to be!”
Winter 2017-2018

There may be a new buzz word in the travel world – experiential, and it seems all travel must incorporate it. As an English major, I wondered about the word. Of course, it exists. It’s something derived from or providing an experience. An action learned by doing, in the real world. Well, I’d say skiing is quite definitely experiential. No doubt about it! How much more experiential can you get?

Skiing wraps up the whole meaning of the word in all ways, for it tests at least four of our five senses. We’ve all gone through, and still may be, that trial and error phase of the sport. Skiing gives us the chance to escape our increasingly hectic day-to-day to experiences (yes, that’s the word’s origin), to sense the real world of Nature, in the mountains and at a quieter, saner pace. In the serene environment of a mountain piste with swooshing powder below, perhaps some sun glistening around you, snow covered peaks above, and miles of groomed runs ahead.

Yes, that’s the meaning of experiential for me: skiing Alps-style, most definitely – Not a bad way to experience one of the joys of life!