30th Celbration Blue
“European skiing as it ought to be!”
Winter 2016-2017

Do mountains call to you? While people are called to the sea, mountains have been calling me, seemingly, forever. Especially snow covered Alps! Must be in my blood, having grown up hearing stories about my parents’ childhood summers in Europe.

Tales of my father’s escapades after his European university years always sparked my interest – especially those skiing the Carpathian Mountains in Czechoslovakia. They’d hike up, ski down, have lunch, then hike up again, ski down again, and call it a day. He skied until aged 72, always using the same bamboo poles with really large baskets that he’d brought back from Europe ~

The first time I skied there was St. Moritz. My new skis had bindings that my father said, the Swiss wouldn’t know, so he showed me how to fix them, just in case, sending me off with a little tool kit. My, how our sport has changed!

This year is the 30th anniversary of Lindenmeyr Travel. I’ve purposely kept the company small. I believe it’s important to know personally what’s being recommended to you, the client, and to share first-hand knowledge. Personal insight is maybe why so many of you return year after year. Small, and to our travelers, perhaps, significant.

To help celebrate our 30th Anniversary we’ve added four-storied time-tested trips: “Music in the Mountains,” to Switzerland, of course; “The Cuisine & Culture of Unknown Italy;” “Jewels of Central Europe,” to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin; and skiing “Rifugio a Rifugio” in the Dolomites. Join the 30th anniversary celebration! Plus, we have added a great many specials too,  go ahead, take advantage of one or two!

So if small and selective hotels in wonderful alpine resorts are what you’re after, go for it! That’s Lindenmeyr Travel ~ thanks for joining the fun,