“European skiing done right!”
Winter 2021-2022

What Do We Do Now? Where Do We Go from Here?

Those are a couple of questions that have crossed my mind in these past unsettled months. How long will we be immersed in Covid-19? What about the future and skiing the Alps? Perhaps dream now, ski later – works best.

As with others, my European adventure this March was a bust. While attending one ski conference in Chamonix, the second was canceled. Then the president told everyone to come home.

Clients traveling mid-March also had to cancel. Fortunately, I was able to finesse full refunds for all of them. So, if, and when, we can travel again, know I’ll have your back.

It’s key to follow daily what’s happening in the ever-changing travel world, and more specifically, in the European countries and their ski resorts. Resorts, hotels, SBB trains and transportation companies, all have their related Covid-19 controls. So far, hazmat suits are not required but negative Covid-19 tests done within 72 hours of arrival are, for those allowed to travel.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of traveling, going for a drive or walking in your neighborhood, please stay home and maintain your comfort level. Wait until next year.

Lindenmeyr Travel has been here for 34 years and will continue to answer your questions, offer help across the travel spectrum along with when and where you can go. Also, we will update you with answers for your travel plans with the latest changes and what they may mean for you.

Someday soon, we’ll all be able to, again, take wing when those European skies open for us. Till then, keep in touch, wear your masks, keep your distances, wash your hands, think positively, be well, and remember it’s not what in your suitcase on arrival but what’s in it on departure!